Who we are

We created Guernsey Online as a quick and easy way to create new websites that has the convenience of collaborating with someone on-island.

Every member of our team has at least a decade working in a variety of tech jobs, bringing together the best skills from across the industry. From graphic design, coding, testing, automation, DevOps and software architecture we can more than accommodate every part of the website creation process.

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Our philosophy at Guernsey Online is carefully curated through years of practice and experience - every member of our team has at least ten years of experience in the customer facing web domain. We understand the pitfalls and the technology, as well as the businesses goals and customer experience. With this at the forefront of our mindset, we aim to provide approachable, reliable and professional outlook. Understanding business needs is in our nature, delivering quality is our profession, and utilising our tried and tested experience is our pride.


At Guernsey Online, we believe we can achieve excellence through diligence and integrity. It's easy to get caught up in the modern era of changing technology and end up paying over the odds for a compromise on your product, so we present instead a model of transparency and simplicity. We are upfront about our costs, in-depth about your needs, and straightforward about our delivery. Our goal is simply to have satisfied customers and pride in our work.


Our policy from the outset has been Quality, Affordability, Accountability. We will guarantee your site by the agreed delivery date with no hidden or extra costs on our part. We do not provide web hosting, but will be more than happy to facilitate and set you up with a provider of your choice (or help you to find one) for a pre-agreed fee as per our pricing model. We believe in the quality of our work and are more than happy to provide maintenance and reasonable changes at an affordable ongoing rate.